Monday, June 05, 2006

Corbin Sparrow

On the way home today I saw this rare electric Corbin Sparrow on Highway 880 in Fremont.

The first Sparrow was built in 1996, and sold for $13,900. The later model seen here sold for $17,000. The body is a fiberglass monocoque holding four batteries up front and four batteries under the seat. Top speed is 65mph and the range is 30 miles. It uses belt drive to the rear wheel, and has three disk brakes. Entry is through a door on the right side.

A total of only 285 Corbin Sparrows were registered, and very few are actually driven because of mechanical and electrical problems. This and financial problems forced Corbin Motors into bankruptcy in 2003.


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Anonymous said...

Total of 13 batteries - 6 under the hood and 7 under the seat. Top speed 75/76 mph with batteries perfectly conditioned.