Wednesday, June 21, 2006


When I left work in Fremont at 4pm the thermometer on the Mini read 99˚ and stayed there until I got to Oakland, where it dropped to 85˚. It was still 85˚on the Bay Bridge and the Central Freeway in SF. It then dropped to 77˚ at the Pan Handle to Golden Gate Park near where we live.

A 22˚ temperature difference between the East Bay and the Inner Sunset of SF is typical. And sometimes the difference is even more dramatic: Driving up the Peninsula, it can be in the 90s at Redwood Shores. Then at Daly City I can take off my sunglasses and turn off the air conditioning because the fog has rolled in.

Tomorrow will be the first Spare the Air day. BART, MUNI, and most other public transportation in the Bay Area will be free so as to reduce pollution.

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