Sunday, June 11, 2006

Miniature Trailers

The Mini Cooper S has twin exhaust pipes that exit under the bumper at the center rear of the car. Up until now the only way to fit a tow bar was to buy the Mini Fini Sport-Link and custom attachments, and then cut holes through the rear bumper. But now there's an excellent alternative that uses the existing hole for the center mounted reverse light, and a standard 1 1/4" tow hitch!



Anonymous said...

Hi, upgraded to a MCS just in time, now I want a trailer hitch to tow my teardrop. Since I'm not a mechanic I was wondering if somebody local (Silicon Valley)could be recommended for installation? Thx!

Peter Reynolds said...

Your local body shop could install the tow-bar. But think about doing it yourself:

George Bredin said...

I made the hook-up on my 04 MC through the backup hole in 04.
The one thing I can tell you is DON"T over-weight the hitch. It will pull the rear of your car apart.
What I had to do is plate the "trunk area" and reenforce the chasie.