Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Townsend Street

Townsend Street between 4th and 7th remains unimproved (and this is not a street worthy of preservation) while new development takes place all around it: The Embarcadero, Giants Stadium, 3rd street light rail, residential towers, SF Design Center...

This must be one of the last streets in The City without a sidewalk. The south side of the street is bordered by a chain link fence that encloses the Caltrain rail yard. And the north side is bounded by warehouses. On both sides of the street cars are parked perpendicular. When you get off the train at 4th and Townsend, you have to walk along the street between the moving traffic and the parked cars. It's all very uncivilized.

But now the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is working to add a footpath and bike lanes on Townsend, and we can help by signing their online petition.

Photo from SFBC
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