Monday, August 21, 2006

Apartment Therapy

AT is a must read for any appartment dweller. It's full of good advice. And they will sometimes post questions from readers.

My question concerned the whereabouts of this row of colourful houses in a car advertisement.

The comments were great:
"Barring color, the left three are the same house (same angle, same mouldings, same highlights and reflections) and the the right three are the same house (the artist changed the middle windowshade in the orange house to make it less repetitive but it's still the same everything else). If it weren't for the missing moulding above the second floor bay of the three left houses, I'd say all six were definitely the same building.

The car is unquestionably comped in since it's being lit from the right while the houses are lit from the left. The faked reflections of the houses on the wet street is a nice touch to bring it altogher, though. Props to the ad artist."

Thanks Harlie. Complete list of comments here.


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