Friday, August 25, 2006

Better Safe Than Sony

If you own a Apple iBook/PowerBook G4, Erika has this good advice for dealing with the battery recall/exchange:

A few things you might want to know before you waste 1.5 hours like I did today, trying to fill out the form online and awaiting customer service on the 1-800 phone line:

1) the serial numbers listed on
are correct, but...

2) the system is so overloaded it will deny you the application for exchange, even if your battery model, battery serial number, and computer serial number match up with the recall, and ...

3) calling the 1-800 number is useless, as they are dumped into the same registration system, AND they will have you try again with them on the phone, so

4) Advice from the customer service guy: go online in the middle of the night, well after the west coast is asleep but before the east coast wakes up. Seriously.

Good luck.


Thanks Erika

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