Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Flood Building

The Flood Building
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The lawyer for our landlord emailed me yesterday to enquire about our status. I was happy to reply that we had vacated 1239 6th Ave, and that I would come down to her office in person to pick up the cheques for the second half of our settlement, the deposit and last months rent.

Her office is at 870 Market Street. MapQuest placed this near the Powel St. Cable Car turn-around. To my surprise, this is the Flood Building! Built before the 1906 earthquake, the steel framed Flood Building is very 'Sam Spade' inside. It reminded me of older skyscrapers I'd seen in Chicago.

The ground floor was used by Woolworths until 1992. I shopped there once. It had a breakfast counter and it was very old fashioned. Now the ground floor has clothing stores, and is part of the Union Square retail area. If you're in the area (or just tired of waiting in line for a Cable Car) walk into the lobby and look at the exhibits. Then ride a lift to any floor (I was on the 9th floor).

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