Thursday, August 24, 2006

Design Within Reach

We've been looking for dining room chairs. Our price range is $100-$150. We'll be buying 6 or 8 of them, so that's about $1000.

I'd almost given up on finding something suitable and affordable. And then I found this Kyoto chair on the DWR website. DWR has a great selection of affordable dining chairs . This little beauty is just $88 with free shipping! Truly within our reach! OK it's a little bit clunky, but did I tell you it's only $88?


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Anonymous said...

My friend works for design within reach and he told me that their policy to calm complaining customers down is to give them either a HUGE refund and even sometimes they give entire orders to people for free. All because the customers call/write in and complain.Just a thought if you if you want some cool stuff that could actually be within reach!