Saturday, August 05, 2006

Lola Gets What Lola Wants

You may have heard this expression and wondered who Lola was.

It turns out that Lola was a real person with ties to San Francisco. Born in Eire and raised in India and England, Lola Montez was a stunning beauty, pursued by rich and famous men. She was also known for her temper, and was known to use a riding crop to strike any man who disobeyed her. After her first marriage she took on the name and persona of a Spanish dancer. Her dancing was terrible, but her beauty could not be denied. She danced and married her way around Europe.

Wearing out her welcome in Europe, she ending up in SF in the 1850's. Here she perfected her 'spider dance'. On stage she would search the folds of her dress for spiders, hiking her dress up for the all male audiences.

Thanks Sparkletack

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