Saturday, July 21, 2007

Don't Get Fooled Again!

"... the IonFlow 50F Air Purifier is an energy-efficient and quiet machine that's been proven to remove more than 99% of airborne pollutants in fewer than five hours and without producing any ozone." -from Design Within Reach

"... the IonStyle is ... filter-free and works completely silently." -Gizmodo

Ok then. We have a new silent, filter less air purifier.
Do those words sound familiar? They should! Sharper Image suckered 2 million customers into buying these useless door stops under the Ionic Breeze name.

Common sense would tell you these things don't work. Even if you don't understand the physics of ionising air particles, it should be enough for you to know that there is close to no airflow through these devices. And therefore they can't be cleaning the air. Simple as that! Put a fan in it, and it might work.

Don't give your money to DWR for this useless device.


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