Monday, July 16, 2007


On Saturday we saw Michael Moore's latest documentary, Sicko, at West Portal.

I'm foreign born (NZ), and I'm used to hearing my countrymen criticize their own country the way Michael Moore criticizes the US. Outside of the US, people are not particularly patriotic, and we like it that way.

Michael Moore accurately shows the American style of capitalism in his documentaries. Many Americans don't want to see these things in a movie. They don't want him to make America look bad. MM is not making America look bad. The capitalists who run this country are making America look bad, and they're making it a bad place to live. They have made America into a hideous Darwinist experiment. They have introduced the profit motive into health care, education, prisons, and war. And worst of all, they have convinced us that we should side with their class because we can aspire to join them.

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