Monday, July 30, 2007

Terrapass. Scam?

After every disaster there's some scumbag trying to make a profit from the misery.


Tom said...

Hi Peter:

I was disappointed in this post. You may want to know that the Center for Resource Solutions, a non-profit here in SF verifies TerraPass and that we have even recently testified in front of congress asking for their help in creating a standard.

Peter Reynolds said...

Thanks Tom. Perhaps "scam" and "scumbag" were a bit strong...
Look at Wednesday's post for my reasons for thinking that TerraPass is not a solution.

Anonymous said...

Just because some "non-profit" organization verifies that they are trading in "carbon offsets" doesn't make them any less scummy.

Although the word I would use is abusive. People have no idea what is going on here. When Terrapass charges $47.00 for 3.55 metric tons of carbon offset, what do you think their profit margin is? Do a little research and don't let these scammers tell you how much good their doing for the environment, they are in this to line their pockets. This is no better than Enron.

Don't be fooled by the "non-profit" nomenclature either... just means that they have to use all their money each year. Can you say Salary... I know you can. Many people make a fair amount of money working for "non-profit" organizations.