Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Moving at the Speed of Light Rail

My doctor's office is across the street from SBC Park, home of the Giants. To get there I walk up the street from our flat and catch the N-Judah. Twenty minutes later I'm in the waiting room.

As the streetcar traveled along The Embarcadero I took this Treo movie.

I worked in this area 15 years ago. Back then King Street (next to CalTrains) was paved with bricks. There was an RV Park and a bunch of warehouses. Now all I recognize is the Lefty O'Doul draw bridge and the donut shop at 3rd and King.

But I like all the new development because it's in-fill rather than sprawl. Rincon Hill has many new condominium tower blocks, and more to come. All the buildings are substantial, and this new neighborhood has character.

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