Wednesday, December 21, 2005

MTA Strike

Photos:Sam Hollenshead

I support the 33,700 members of TWU Local 100, and I urge the TWU International to backup their members in the face of court injunctions and fines.

Support from the International can end this strike now. Michael O'Brien, show your faith in the workers and the power of Union Solidarity.

These workers are fighting "broadbanding" or job combinations that would result in one-man crews on some subway lines. The MTA also seeks to cut wages, medical and pension plans for new hires under a "productivity drive".

The workers of local 100 have voted to resist these assaults on their working conditions and benefits for new hires by withdrawing their labor. The Mayor retaliated by obtaining a court injunction under the Taylor Law, which bars strikes by city employees.

Meanwhile, the MTA is running a $1 billion budget surplus.

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