Wednesday, December 07, 2005

My Favorite MTB Tire

FedEx just delivered my new Kenda Klimax Lite mountain bike tires, so I can ride again! These tires are only 345 grams and measure in at 26/195 (actually 26/175). I pump them up to 80 psi for riding on the easy hard-packed clay surfaces on the Marin Headland trails. I bought two of them because the sidewalls are thin and rip easily on sharp rocks.

That's what happened to me on Friday riding down the Miwok Trail to Tennessee Valley Road. I patched the tube and stuck a folded $1 bill inside the tire to stop the tube from bulging out. It worked, so I took a shortcut home through Sausalito in case I had more trouble.

Click on MTB Review for more opinions on these tires.

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