Monday, December 19, 2005

My Favourite Podcasts

Before there was podcasting I subscribed to Audible. But because there's so much free audio content I canceled Audible, and this is what I'm listening to:

  • The Dawn and Drew Show--This is what I listen to first. DND make me feel like I'm friends with the popular kids. I feel flattered to be listening to their conversation. Dawn is a foul-mouthed young women, and Drew is the straight guy. They make a great team. (I'll skip an episode if either Dawn or Drew is missing)
  • The Naked Scientists--a BBC call-in radio show
  • Engadget Podcast--From the same people that bring us the Engadget Blog.
  • Slate Magazine--A 5 minute podcast consisting of an article read from
  • Answer Bitch--Hollywood Q&A. See here
  • Inside Mac Radio--Apple news

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