Tuesday, December 13, 2005

National Auto Sport Association

Twelve years ago I drove my Mazda 323 at an open track event at Sears Point Raceway sanctioned by the Daly City Capri Club. This was my first time on a race track, but I'd done a lot of AutoX events so I felt confident. Back then the only safety equipment we needed was a helmet!

My car had .125 inch toe-out front and rear, so I was careful not to let-up on the gas through the corners. The Yokahama 008R tyres were very forgiving and and I learned a lot about my car's handling. Each session was limited to 20 minutes, so I got through the day without any trouble from overheating brakes.

How things change; now that sanctioning body is called NASA, and they're getting to be as big as SCCA. So I was delighted to see Track Masters has filled the gap. Go here to drive your street car at a race track.

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