Friday, December 09, 2005

Rietveld Chair Complete

The chair looks stunning! And my total cost was $120. Well under the $150 estimate:

  • "How to Construct Rietveld Furniture" $30
  • Wood cut to size $50
  • Screws, nails, glue, sandpaper $10
  • Paint and brushes $30
Email me for the plans.

I'll be starting work on the Reynolds Desk soon. I priced the desktop surface (actually a door) at only $20 from Home Depot. The other materials should be about $50. First I need to get the door home (which is not going to be easy with the Mini), then measure it for the legs. The biggest design challenge will be making it very solid yet light. To do this I'll make the door a stressed member.


Craig said...

Hi - I like the idea of making a Reitveld chair myself. I live just a few miles from Utrecht, and I plan tovisit the Reitveld Schroder house to see the chair.

How did you scale the dimensions?

Peter Reynolds said...

Craig, this is such a satisfying project! Once you see the chair in person, you'll immediately know how to make it. Email me at for the plans and instructions.


Peter Reynolds said...

The plans are now available for download as a .pdf file from the sidebar.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for these plans that I have searched for for years...
Now after all that dreaming I am going to get the wood cut and build one of these classic Rietveld chairs.


Ville-Pekka said...

Thanks for the plans! Now let's see if I can really make this chair...