Saturday, December 03, 2005

Rietveld Chair Almost Finished

The R&B chair is nearing completion, so I'm starting to think of my next furniture project.

At the top of my list of needs is a wider desk to better organize my expanding list of gadgets and computer accessories.

For the top surface of the desk I'll use a door because it's the perfect size, weight, strength and cost. The legs will borrow features from the chair. I'll use plywood to resist shearing forces. My goal will be to keep the desk light, portable, solid, cheap and easy to build. It will be called the Reynolds desk, and plans will be available. Stay tuned.


Andy Davies said...

Hi Peter,
Your chair looks great.

I'm an art student and would also like to build a Rietveld chair. I've done some looking and found one place that had dimensions, but it said they had been adapted as an "outdoor Rietveld Chair." I would like to know that I'm building the chair to Rietveld's specs.

Could you share your dimensions or point me in a direction?
If so, just go to my blog and I'll have something set up there for email contact etc.


Andy Davies said...

I forgot to post my blog: