Sunday, April 02, 2006

Laundrettes and Wet Weather

San Francisco has the most homeless people of any first world city I've been to. And when it rains the problem gets especially bad as the homeless look for somewhere warm and dry to use as a hangout. Their favourite places are laundrettes where they can sit and dry their cloths.

Jason DeFillippo of MetrobloggingSF has experienced the problem first hand:
"...dryers being used by armys of homeless people drying their filthy, greasy and stanky ass clothes without washing them first."

Having had to deal with the same problem before I moved to an apartment with a washer and dryer, I left Jason this advice:

"Jason, I had the same problem with homeless people in my local laundromat in wet weather. My solution was to take my wash to a laundry that was always staffed. Then sometimes I just had them wash, dry, and fold my cloths for me. It didn't cost too much, and they would neatly wrap my clean clothes in blue paper. Try the Hollywood Laundrette on Market Street next to the Orbit Room."

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