Saturday, April 01, 2006

Z-CoiL Shoe Store

These shoes look like an April fool's joke.

Z-Connection has been on Irving Street for two years and doesn't attract much attention or customers. It's a creepy little store, and I've been hoping it would fail. It's obviously a franchise using the corporate marketing model: There's a Video demonstration of their shoes playing in the window along side a display of the shoes. It has the look of a "Be your own boss. Earn big $$$ working just a few hours each day" scam. And the shoes they sell are just silly.

I searched the web hoping to find a resounding denoucement of Z-CoiL shoes, but only found one article from Good Housekeeping that was critical of the shoes. It seems to me that someone has made an effort to flood Google with positive testimonials. Consumers Reports had nothing, but the Sunset Beacon had this puff-piece.

Foot Note: 5/15/07
I have a coworker who started wearing these shoes. He said it helps his back pain (If he lost 100lbs it would help his back pain. He is severly over weight).
Last week he caught the heal of his z-coil shoe on a rubber mat, and he crashed backwards to the ground, breaking his hip. The Paramedics drove their ambulance right up to the assembly line to pick him up. It was quite a scene!

Don't waste your money on these shoes.
The people selling you these shoes are the same people who stole your lunch money at school.

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Anonymous said...

Someone at my work has those shoes. They look silly as all heck but they do work.

Anonymous said...

I wear nothing but these shoes and I love them. The cost is outragious but the comfort is worth it. I wear black pair for work and have a sneaker style for the gym. You can even get medical companies to pay for them if your plan covers othotics. Just get a percription written and send in the receipt.