Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Long Term Plans for SF MUNI

London's Underground is all about tunneling. New York's Subway is all 'cut-and-cover'. Chicago is Elevated.

San Francisco's MUNI lightrail runs on the city streets, only going underground when necessary to cut through hills, and along Market Street where it was buried along with BART in the 1970's.

There are plans to expand the system: In 1999, the extension to the Caltrain terminal was completed, and now work is well underway on the Third Street lightrail line that will connect with the planned Central Subway. The Central Subway will extend the Third Street line north along Third Street, going underground near Bryant Street, crossing beneath Market Street and running under Stockton Street as far as Clay Street.

Long term plans include lightrail on Geary boulevard (not seen since the B-Geary in 1956). The Central Subway will connect to a future Geary Subway that will emerge on the west side of Cathedral Hill, where Geary Blvd. becomes Geary Expressway. If I lived in the Richmond District I'd be begging for this to happen. The 38-Geary Bus is a slow herky-jerky ride.

We're spoiled in the Inner Sunset by having the N-Judah streetcar. Lani says I only like it because I don't have to ride it every day during commute hours. True.

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