Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Titus Racer-X

I borrowed a Racer-X from the Titus factory demo fleet and took it for a ride over to Fort Baker today. This bike has all the latest features available for mountain bikes: Disk brakes, full suspension, Fox fork.

1)The rear suspension: This uses the patented "Horst link" pioneered on Specialized bikes. It effectively works like the double-wishbone suspension on a car. There are other designs that look the same, but they don't have the correct geometry for bicycles.
On my test ride the rear suspension absorbed hits very well, but didn't move under peddling forces. It climbed as effortlessly as my Klein hard-tail, but with better grip.

2)Hydraulic Disk brakes: It was raining hard on my ride, and the front brake squealed until it dryed out from use. I only needed two fingers on the front brake and one for the back.

3)Sram shifters: The twisting action was not ergonomic for me, and required too much force.

Overall: A very comfortable ride. Good uphill, downhill, and cross-country. I want one with Shimano XT components.

(If you missed todays bike demo, go see Chris at Roaring Mouse Cycles. He keeps a Racer-X demo bike at his shop, and he'll let you borrow it for a day)


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