Friday, April 28, 2006

We're Moving to a New Apartment

Lani has enough money for a substantial down-payment on an apartment, and we found the perfect place 2 blocks up and 2 blocks over from our current home. It's a 6 unit 1914 building with buckets of charm: The building has the original arts-and-crafts interior, with stained glass and a wide staircase with dark wood panels. Our unit is 1914 new, except for the remodeled bathroom, and the kitchen which has a new Bosch stove and dishwasher. There are large bay windows. Hardwood floors. Typical SF style double parlor: Dining room with built-in buffet, and living room (which can be configured as a second bedroom). The bedroom has a surprisingly large walk-in closet with a small window. There's a second closet in the hall. The backstairs lead down to the basement, where we have a 8' by 10' storage room. Lani has a garage adjacent to the building. There's plenty of room in the garage for a washer and dryer, my bicycle, and a work bench.

We have views! When there's no fog we'll be able to see the Pacific Ocean and the top of the Golden Gate Bridge. In the other direction we see Mt. Sutro and Golden Gate Heights.

This place is quite a find, and because Lani moved quickly, we had first choice on which apartment and garage we wanted. There are only 4 garages. I'm going to keep my current garage at 6th and Hugo because it's not far to walk.

We're 2 blocks from the Street-Car line, and one block from the 43,44,6,36 and 66 bus lines. Perfect.

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