Saturday, January 07, 2006

3 Unit Building For Sale

In SF vacant buildings sell for more money than occupied buildings because the new owners can set any rent they want.

Our rent controlled three unit building was sold 6 months ago for $M1.1 after our neighbours and we (really me) baulked at $M1.05 (My decision not to buy was based on my lack of love for the building). Now the new owners plan to resell in the Spring and they've offered to buy us out of our lease so they can sell it as a vacant building.

Until now, our plan was to stay in our rent controlled apartment. But it's a gamble. If we stay, we might be evicted under the Ellis Act, and we'd have to move anyway. If we take the buy-out money and move, we'll be paying much higher rent elsewhere in the City.

Of course any decision will be made in cooperation with our neighbours, who are pretty savvy about such things.

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