Friday, January 06, 2006

BMW to make a Triumph Sports Car?

The Triumph car company was devastated during WW2, and the Standard car company bought the name. (I can just remember my father's Standard Vanguard like this one. Was this 'ute' only made for Australia/NZ?)

Now Rumour is, BMW is building a prototype Triumph sports car, and plans to sell the car through their MINI division. If true, the car would take 3-4 years to make it to market.

Here in America, the Triumph name means a traditional 2 seater sportscar like this:

For the rest of the world Triumph made the 2000, Herald, Toledo and Dolomite . They were all rwd, except for the Toledo.
If I could own just one Triumph, it would be the Dolomite Sprint(1973-1980). It's a small car by todays standards, with typical Triumph wood dashboard/door-caps and luxury interior. It was the first modern production car with a four valve engine, and used a SOHC and 2 liters to make 127hp. It had a 4speed gearbox with overdrive in 3rd and 4th.

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