Saturday, January 21, 2006

The First Rule of Furniture Design

1) It must be comfortable.

Have you ever sat on a couch in a trailer/caravan/RV that converts into a bed? Remember how the seat back was too low and the cushion was too long? How you couldn't lean back, and you ended up squatting on the front of the cushion?

Well, now we can have designer trailer furniture in our living rooms. Noted Spanish furniture designer Patricia Urquiola has received recognition for her "Tufty-Time" couch.

If you own furniture like this, tip it over, sit on the back and lean against the cushion.

Thanks apartment therapy
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trendoffice said...

One cannot say that this is very unbiased opinion. Have you tried to sit on it? Can you notice that the piece is designed so that it allows a lot of possibilities? Unlike a chair - where there are more limited possibilities by definition.
And in the end, even your comparison is unsuitable - they just have different functions and it is no doubt which one fulfils its function better!