Monday, January 30, 2006

GG Bridge Worker's Sheds

Workers on the Golden Gate Bridge use the west sidewalk to move materials and get about. Then at about 3:30pm the sidewalk is opened to cyclists for the afternoon commute. I've been riding by these little huts for 18 years, but yesterday the curtains were open and I looked inside this one.

There's room for two on a carpeted bench, and tables fold down from the side. There was an orange 'Igloo' water container, flashlight, Magazines. Great view, but not a very comfortable place for coffee break. Perhaps they're used as 'warming huts'.

I asked Mary Currie, Public Affairs Director for GG Bridge District, what these huts are called:"They don't really have a name for them, as you indicated, they are little Huts... we just refer to them as the worker's sheds."


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