Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Blog is Love

This blog is 'broadcast' over the Blogger server, so the volume of traffic is never a problem for me (Thank you Blogger!), but the webcam images come from my Earthlink account server and the Earthlink limit is 1GB per month per webpage (come on!).

So on occasion I have to move the webcam to a different webpage at Earthlink. I've been switching between here and here. That involves fiddling with the ftp software, and Treough Blog template (While this is easy enough to do, it reminds me of how much I'd like to switch from DSL to a cheaper cable ISP and ditch my PacBell land line).

On another matter, I compose each post on the Firefox browser, and double check the posts on Safari. Believe me, I'm no tech wizard, so if everything looks ok I move on. Well everything is not ok. When this blog is viewed on IE the sidebar is displaced to the bottom of the page. This may take some time to fix. Leave a comment to this post if you can put me on the right track to solving this IE problem.


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