Thursday, January 26, 2006

New McLaren Street Car?

Rumour is McLaren might produce a new road car to follow the SLR it designed and builds for Mercedes.

I've noticed a trend towards front engined super cars with the SLR and Ferrari Scaglietti, but I'd like any new McLaren to be mid-engined like the F1, which is still the best, despite all the hype surrounding the Bugatti Veyron. The F1 is small, light and beautiful!

To feel the difference between front and mid-engine, drive any mid-engined car (x1/9, MR2) and you'll feel the difference in the cornering. The turn-in is sharp and without any initial understeer. Don't lift off the accelerator and the rear of the car will stay planted through the corner to the exit.

Update 12/17/07: Autoblog has the latest rumours on the new McLaren via British magazine CAR.


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