Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Useful Body Piercings

Body piercing must be a Goth thing that I don't understand (even though I like Peter Murphy). To me, nothing broadcasts your lack of self esteem like punching holes in your face.

I saw the toothbrush tongue stud today, and it made me remember the nose stud eyeglasses from 2004.

Thanks we-make-money-not-art and BMEzine.com


varoocka said...

hello im a body piercer in CA. everyone is definately intitled to thier own opinions but decorating your body does not show a lack of self esteem its a form of expresion to a lot of people for others its neat or something that the person thinks looks cool for other people its a way for them to feel unique and individual

Peter Reynolds said...

I confess to having punched a hole in my left ear 26 years ago in an attempt to "feel unique and individual".

Thanks for your comments,