Monday, December 31, 2007

Christopher Hitchens

This morning I was listening to Michael Krasny interview essayist, atheist, former Trotskyist, Christopher Hitchens on KQED radio.

My first impression of Hitchens was that he was an intellectual upper class twit. But because I'd heard that he was an outspoken atheist, I wanted to listen to what he had to say (With public figures I separate their religious and political beliefs. But for some reason, I don't do that with atheists: If my man is an atheist, then I'm sure I'll probably agree with him on other issues. That's why I listened to the interview. That's bad. Shame on me). I thought he might be a British Noam Chomsky. He turned out to be a brutish Rush Limbaugh. And just like Limbaugh, you should listen to him, at least once, so you know whom you're dealing with.

Hitchens has a poor opinion of Muslims. I salute his outspoken honesty. He thinks we are in a war against Muslims. I do not. His opinion of Muslims are "They won't change their mind and they can't change the subject" (my quote is from Churchill, not Hitchens. This was Churchill's Definition of a fanatic). I agree.

And Hitchens is "slightly" for Bush. I am not.

I must admit, ignoring his Bush/Iraq/Islam views, he is right about most things. But I still wouldn't want this man in my Union, or on my picket line.


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