Friday, December 28, 2007


I've been using the Apple iPhone for 2 weeks, and I'm ready to make some comments:
The iPhone deserves most of the praise it's getting. I'm not going to write about that. You've already heard it all. I'll only mention the problems I'm having.

Everyone loves the iPhone, but I'm not one of them, yet. My last phone was a Palm Treo 650, which had thousands of free and cheap applications written for it. I do expect to become an iPhone fan after Apple releases the Software Developement Kit (SDK) in February and we start to get the same sort of applications as Palm Treo owners. But for now, I have some concerns:

1) The browser crashes. It could be worse. At least reopening the browser takes you back to where you were before the crash. Yesterday Safari was crashing every few minutes, so I finally reset my iPhone, and it fixed the problem.
2) Their is no way to cut and paste text.
3) The iPod application will crash after a few minutes when it's playing in the background and I'm using another application.
4) The keyboard is good. I'm becoming more comfortable with it but the Treo keyboard is quicker.
5) Safari closes when I get a phone call.
6) Mail moved from the "Sent" file to the "Drafts" file is lost.

Those are my only complaints. I expect Apple and 3rd partys will plug the applications gap and add new functions, such as video/audio recording.

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