Sunday, December 23, 2007

Concrete Corbusier LC2

"Domage a Corbu, grand confort, sans confort" (1980), by Swiss interior architect and designer Stefan Zwicky. Concrete and rebar.

The Demisch Danant gallery sold the one ton Zwicky chair for more than $40,000.

Thanks Apartment Therapy


Anonymous said...

I Like the original Le Corbusier LC2 but the Concrete LC2 is so beautifull

I Love It, and I want it...

It's an other day perhaps


Oldskool said...

Has anyone else noticed the seat sections on the concrete replica are the wrong way round? Quite a heavy mistake!

info said...

I noticed the blocks where the other way around
here is how it should be*b7pGH89PXGSL2*0iSb3v4xQp5Fd3Ig=_l.jpg

and a lighter version of the chair here*b7pGH89PXSDLKoY-Sy6v4xQp5Fd3Ig=_l.jpg

I don't know who made it but it looks good to me