Tuesday, December 11, 2007

In 1922 the Working Class had Hope for a Better Future

This is part of an article from the May 31st, 1922 issue of the Modesto Evening News of Modesto California. The writer considers how people in the future will react to living conditions in 1922 America.

"In the future, automatic machinery and inventions will free men from industrial slavery. Cheap, fast-flying airplanes will enable all to live in the country. Cities, at night, will be deserted groups of factory buildings.

"We, voluntarily imprisoned in cramped apartments or small house, will seem queer to our descendants. Daily we go to work in our prison cells, to pound typewriter keys, push a pen or perform monotonous operations with machinery - when we might all be free in the outdoors of farmland.

"Will the future consider us laughable, pathetic or crazy?

"It's a good thing the average person's sense of humor is not highly developed. Otherwise, we might either revolt against the stupidity of civilization - or laugh ourselves to death at our dignified solemnity."

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