Saturday, December 29, 2007

Taliesin West

We took a tour of Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture school, located in beautiful desert outside Scottsdale.
The tour included his bedroom, movie theater, theater, cabaret, and living room. Areas used by students, such as the drafting room, were off limits.

In the living room we got to sit in these original Wright chairs! The chairs are comfortable and ergonomic. This room was used for entertaining, and includes one of the pianos Wright liked to play. The seating along the wall works well and I'd like to see this type of seating used in contemporary homes because it offers so much choice for where you want to sit.

All the buildings on campus have walls made from cement and rock. The rocks are naturally flat on one side. Redwood was used for ceiling beams, but the desert insects in Arizona quickly destroyed it. It was replaced with steel. All the doorways are only 6 feet high. And all the ante rooms are small and low, so as to create a feeling of space on entering the main room.

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