Friday, December 07, 2007

He Puts the BS in KCBS

At the beginning of my commute, I tune the car radio to KCBS ("News! Weather! Traffic! Every 10 minutes!") for the traffic report. Today, before the traffic report, I heard part of an editorial on the Nebraska killings.

The man speaking had a 'big radio' voice, and he was completely full of s@#t. Probably more full of s@#t than usual since it's Xmas and our hearts go out to...umm... homeless people... soldiers in Iraq... flood victims... oh I know, people shot in the head at close range!

One of the dead is 46 year old Beverly Flynn. She was working as a gift wrapper at the Von Maur department store. Her other job is as a Realtor. Given the poor state of the real estate market, it would make sense for her to work a second job.

Not according to this radio a$$hole. According to him Beverly Flynn was a woman who, because of her love for all people, chose to help them at this time of year by wrapping gifts at the department store.

I call BS on this story. Beverly Flynn was working a second job to earn more money. And it cheapens her life to pretend anything else.

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